Trump Organization’s CFO Allen Weisselberg is charged with tax crimes


Donald Trump’s company is about to face its first criminal charges, CFO Allen Weisselberg is charged with tax crimes.

Allen Weisselberg was the long-serving chief finance officer of Trump Organization. He surrendered to authorities.
According to a source familiar, Weisselberg and the Trump Organization will be arraigned at New York State Court in Manhattan later today. The details of the charges against Cyrus Vance (the District Attorney) were not immediately available.

Bryan Skarlatos, Mary Mulligan, and Mary Weisselberg, Weisselberg’s attorneys, made a joint statement.

Vance’s office collaborated with Letitia James (New York Attorney General’s Investigators).

Trump could be indicted by the Trump Organization, which could cause damage to the relationships of his business partners and make Trump’s political future less secure as he contemplates running for the presidency in 2024.

In a statement, the Trump Organization said that Weisselberg was being used as a “pawn” by prosecutors in an attempt to harm the former President.

According to the company, this was not justice. It was politics.

Trump will not face any charges this week. His lawyer Ronald Fischetti stated however that prosecutors continue to investigate his company.

Former President and Republican denied wrongdoing, and called the investigation by politically motivated Prosecutors a “witch hunt”. Both James and Vance both are Democrats.

According to sources familiar with the investigation, Thursday’s charges will be focused on whether Weisselberg and other executives were given perks like rent-free apartments or leased vehicles without reporting them properly on their tax returns.

The Trump Organization called Vance’s case a prosecution that neither Vance or any other district attorney would bring.

Trump claimed Monday that the prosecutors were biased against him and that his company was not guilty of any crime.

Trump Organization could face fines and other penalties if it is convicted.


Weisselberg could be charged, which would increase pressure to cooperate with the prosecution. He has so far refused to cooperate.

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